Next level electric mobility

There is no doubt electric mobility is taking over combustion engine-oriented means of transportation. However, switching completely to electric driving faces serious hurdles: huge battery cost, limited range and little charging possibilities. Now there is Jerr.e the contemporary brother of the jerry can. 
The Jerr.e is a portable charger for your EV. This unprecedented performance extends your EV. Jerr.e takes electric mobility to the next level.


Beyond the battery

There is a new concern in town, called 'range anxiety'. Driving an all-electric vehicle (EV) means constant monitoring of battery-load. Sudden temperature drops or the using of lights, heating and air-conditioning in the EV, heavily consumes power. This reduces your range considerably. Charging possibilities are not yet widespread and often in-use already. With Jerr.e the fear of running empty and standing in line is a thing of the past. Get your portable charger out of the trunk and charge anywhere, anytime. Onward!

Why Jerr.e

Electric driving is all about power in relation to weight. Jerr.e is a portable solution that fits any trunk. Due to its small size and low weight it keeps your EV at maximum range. Next to its physical dimensions, also the price is a lot smaller compared to built-in range extenders. Jerr.e easily outperforms the competition. When your battery drains and a free charging station is unavailable, Jerr.e gets you there. Jerr.e is about feeling safe on the move and enjoying the freedom of (electric) driving.

Jerr.e portable charger

Small in size, yet powerful in performance.



Jerr.e in detail




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